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bukalemun (73) [2005-08-10 17:23]

i just can't believe that time can actually stops like that. it's a work of art, it's a work of photography!

bukalemun (73) [2005-08-10 17:06]

just like a watercolor :)
i loved the sense of isolation of the woman and the girl:)

bukalemun (73) [2005-08-08 9:36]

i loved the colours and the contrast that you catched.this picture made me feel free!

bukalemun (73) [2005-08-07 18:01] [+]

i really liked it a lot!
i loved the colours that you choose in editing process...they give a very strong
effect to your picture.congrats!

bukalemun (73) [2005-08-07 16:50]

wonderful job! i just can't take my eyes off the clouds and the colours of the sky!